JYJ-Jaejoong-Yuchun-Junsu we will forever stand with you!

~to many more years of amazing success and achievements~



Let’s make some noise!


Let’s make some noise! (Refer to youtu.be/0DyXWBq_Vbo)
Try and synchronize your times to start at 12.00pm (noon) Korean time on Wednesday October 16, 2013 to gain maximum impact.
Make our efforts count! 
(Note: You can use this URL to convert your time to coincide with the specified time www.timezonec…cgi-bin/tzc.tzc,
eg. it coincides @ 6.00 am in Istanbul Turkey, 1.00 pm in Sydney Australia, 11.00pm Oct 15th, Eastern Standard Time, etc.)
Tweet Date : Korean Time 12.00 pm (noon),  Wednesday 16th October 2013
Twitter Addresses:

Ministry of  Culture, Sports and Tourism :  twitter.com/koreanet
Korea  Communications Commission      :  twitter.com/withkcc

Other Twitter Addresses:

SBS Inkigayo Twitter           : twitter.com/SBS_inkigayo
KBS MusicBank Twitter       : twitter.com/KBSMusicBank
MBC Music Core Twitter      : twitter.com/MBCMusicCore
Mnet Global                        : twitter.com/MnetGlobal
Mnet Korea                         : twitter.com/MnetKR
KBS World                          : twitter.com/KBSWorldTV
MBC                                   : twitter.com/withMBC
SBS                                    : twitter.com/SBSNOW
The Korea Herald               : twitter.com/TheKoreaHerald
Korea Times                     : twitter.com/koreatimes1
Channel Asia                    : twitter.com/channelnewsasia
ABC News                         : twitter.com/JujuChangABC

Ok, get your twitter fingers out on the 16th October and make it trend!

Kindly share these on your SNS. Thank you.   :-D

You Can Help Right Now. Go Social, Let’s Tweet!


Let’s once again make our presence felt and be heard. Let’s unleash our enthusiasm by tweeting On 23rd September 2013 to the music shows and media companies as listed below. It would be awesome if we could synchronize our time to start at 12.00pm (noon) Korean time on Monday 23rd September 2013 to gain their attention.

(Note: You can use this URL to convert your time to coincide with the specified time www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

eg. it coincides @ 6.00 am in Istanbul Turkey, 1.00 pm in Sydney Australia, 11.00pm 22nd Sept. Eastern Standard Time, etc.)

Remember the action you take today will be the best and purest there is…
Why? Because it comes from the best source….your heart!
So mark your calendars to start tweeting on Monday 23rd September 2013 at 12.00pm (noon) Korean time.
Let’s make our efforts count. Make it trend! Please share these on your SNS.

Thank You For Saying Yes to Action and No to Quietism…

Twitter hashtag :

Twitter Addresses :
SBS Inkigayo Twitter : twitter.com/SBS_inkigayo
KBS MusicBank Twitter : twitter.com/KBSMusicBank
MBC Music Core Twitter : twitter.com/MBCMusicCore
Mnet Global : twitter.com/MnetGlobal
Mnet Korea : twitter.com/MnetKR
KBS World : twitter.com/KBSWorldTV
MBC : twitter.com/withMBC
SBS : twitter.com/SBSNOW

The Korea Herald : twitter.com/TheKoreaHerald

We are JYJ’s Spider Web!

Will you be part of the web?

JYJ Fans Anthem – United We Stand & We Won’t Back Down!


In light of recent events, we hope it is clear to fans that the battle is far from over. Hidden forces are still working hard to block JYJ and impede their success. This is a time for us to be united and set aside bias issues. JYJ and its members are stronger if we work together not against each other. Take heed that people only go after those who they are afraid of. If JYJ weren’t successful, these companies wouldn’t be colluding together to thwart them.
JYJ’s success is a testimony that good will always triumph over tyranny.

JYJ Never Beaten, Never Broken!
We Will Stand By You Always!!

We will hold on and support JYJ, for as long as they continue to fight for their place on the stage. No matter what comes or goes, we will be here. Efforts to frustrate us, only makes us stronger. This song is our anthem – We Won’t Back Down.

“This effort of ours is not the effort of a mere product. It is the effort that is driven by the thought that we want to die with no regrets when we leave this earth.” ~ JYJ (Song Without A Name).