Letter to Fans

letter[1]One of the joys of being involved in the StandupforJYJ campaign is looking at the visitor map and seeing JYJ fans represented on every continent; we are truly a global fandom. Like CJeS’ CEO said, no one else could have walked the road JYJ walked for the last 3+ years and still come out victorious. No matter how long they prolonged the case, we would be there, standing by JYJ.

We are fans of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, of JYJ. But beyond their singing, their extraordinary good looks ;), and their numerous admirable qualities, one of the things that made us bigger fans, is their refusal to be stepped on, to be mistreated and to be relegated to the side. JYJ stood up! That is something to look up to, to celebrate and emulate in our own lives.

The focus of StandupforJYJ has always been 3 fold – Raise Awareness about JYJ, End the Ban on JYJ’s activities and Connect the numerous fans of JYJ around the world. In a sense, those are our ABC’s. Standup is a project by and for all fans of JYJ, not just those of us, who help administrate this site; it is a collective effort from all of us.We have several projects in the works, and like JYJ and CJeS, we will continue as planned. Our focus is simple- we Demand that JYJ be given the same opportunities enjoyed by other artists and be allowed to promote freely via any and all appropriate avenues, without restriction.

To the JYJ fans who have remained loyal, thank you. This is a time for us to solidify our fandom, we are not the Republic of JYJ (for the fans, by the fans) for nothing. Whether, we are international fans or fans in Korea, we are united by the shared respect and love that we have for these three, amazing young men.

We need help from other fans, from those who own, work for, administrate or moderate other JYJ sites. It is impossible to find you all, but you can contact us. We have created a new section on the standupforjyj.com site, for you to contact us – just send us the name of your group or site, and the email address where we can contact you and we will do the rest.

Thank you to all, who have participated in our various projects and promotions thus far; your outpouring of love and support has touched us all. Feel free to contact us, leave us a comment or share ideas with us, via any of our contact and social media connections.


~SU4JYJ Team~